$2.75 per min. with a 10 min. minimum / Must Be 18+


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Do you need a strict Mistress? Are you even sure what you need? Do not be fooled by what you see and read on Internet porn. I will not make you into a worthless doormat, well maybe I won't. My time is much too valuable to just pop a cookie-cutter plan on you! Instead, I will train you and mold you, according to what I see in you. And in the end, you will become a valuable and cherished pet.

When we begin, I will tell you the rules I have for you and what I expect of your behavior. Things such as your cock now belongs to me, and you will not ever play with it without my permission. That you will stroke, tease, edge and deny yourself, until I give you permission to orgasm - no matter how long that may take. And you will orgasm the way I tell you to. Based on your interests, your little hot buttons, I might have you wearing panties, sucking cock, being dildo trained. Perhaps you'll be trained to be my cuckold, servicing my Bulls before I use them, then cleaning all of us up afterward.

And you will be held accountable. As a strict Mistress, I don't like to punish a disobedient slave. But I owe it to you to be strong and to make sure you follow through with all that I expect of you. Your punishment could be a spanking over my knee or on my spanking bench, or it might be chastity. Have you considered what it might be like to be completely ignored or to be humiliated in front of a sexy, confident Woman? I have quite a wicked imagination and it only seems to ramp up when I think about punishments!

So, do I sound like what you're looking for, slut? A strict Mistress who will train you and hold you accountable? Give Ms. Christine a call and we will get your training started!